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The best air conditioner cleaning company in Al-Ahsa
Air conditioning cleaning company in Al-Ahsa makes you receive the summer and air-conditioner with high efficiency and excellent, as it is known that air-conditioners in the summer and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular cannot be dispensed with due to the high temperatures, so our company provides the best level of air-conditioning cleaning service so that it works with good efficiency, The company also provides maintenance services and provision of damaged parts with original and branded ones. The company also provides all its services through a team of technicians and specialists who have long experience in this field, in addition to the company’s competitive and distinguished prices, with our company you will find All services that are for your air conditioner with the highest quality, the required level and the lowest prices available in the market, ask for our services now and do not hesitate, our company is your right hand to get the air conditioner clean and with excellent efficiency.
Air conditioning cleaning company strategy in Al-Ahsa at work
The Ahsa Air Conditioning Cleaning Company depends on a well thought out program in the air conditioner cleaning and washing operations, and this program is represented in several steps as follows:
Security measures: In order to maintain the safety of the work team, the electrical current is separated from the section in which the air conditioner is located, and not only from the air conditioner, in order to increase safety.
Cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner: The team first cleans the outside of the air conditioner unit and removes all plankton, dust and dust that has accumulated on it, as well as the nests or weeds that are formed by the action of birds.
After the team is done cleaning the outside of the unit, the air conditioner moves to the inside of this unit, and it starts dismantling the components, then washing and cleaning them with the special detergents.
The team then proceeds to clean the fins and remove any dust or dust from boiling them, and then uses a dedicated dust suction device that has the ability to get rid of the finest dust and dust accumulated on the fins.
Cleaning the internal unit of the air conditioner: The indoor unit is the one that holds all the sensitive components responsible for operating the air conditioner. Of course, this unit needs care and accuracy in work and cleaning because any damage to it affects the efficiency and operation of the air conditioner, so the team removes the front face of this unit first.
After that the team cleans the internal components, cleans the fins and reveals and checks the drainage hoses well, and the team also checks and inspects the internal pipes, also it cleans the jaws and then cleans it and wipes it well.
Precautionary measures: After completing the above, all components of the air conditioner are left disassembled as is and covered and then left for a period of no less than a full day as a minimum, ie twenty-four hours, in order for these components to dry completely before installing them, and these components are also covered until Do not be exposed to dust or dust, and after the passage of the day a technician will return to the team in order to install and operate the air conditioner components again, it is worth noting that the technician does not leave the place only after making sure that the air conditioner is working very well.
Advantages of a cleaning company with air conditioning Ahsa
Air conditioning cleaning company in Al-Ahsa is one of the most prominent and well-known professional companies specialized in cleaning air conditioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this fame gained by the company because of its enjoyment of many advantages, we mention, for example, the following:
The company has a number of technicians and specialists in the field of air conditioner cleaning, where the team has long experience in this field and accuracy in work and high skill and speed in performance, in addition to that the team has been trained at the highest level and by the most skilled experts specialized in this field.
The company uses the best equipment in cleaning operations and the best types of cleaning powders for cleaning air conditioners without affecting them.
The company is not limited to providing cleaning service only, but also provides all services related to air conditioners, as it provides beside air conditioning cleaning and washing services, buying and selling services of air conditioners, maintenance services, faults repair, building construction, dismantling services, installation, transportation and everything related to air conditioners.
Our company provides all its services with a guarantee, and under this guarantee the company is responsible for any damage to the conditioner due to a mistake by one of the team members while providing a service from the company services such as maintenance, installation, dismantling or cleaning.
The company provides all original spare parts for defective parts that need to be replaced, and they are original and have the same brand as the air conditioner, such as American copper pipes and American freon gas.
If you suffer from lack of commitment by companies or technicians in the deadlines, bid farewell to this suffering, as A / C washing company is distinguished by its respect for punctuality with the distinguished customers.
We reach you wherever you are, no matter where you are in the Kingdom we can reach you on time, so we provide our services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and not only in Al-Ahsa.
Our company prices are competitive, as the company provides the highest level of service at the cheapest price available in the market, meaning that our company has achieved the difficult equation and has provided a professional level of service at competitive prices.
Cheaper air conditioner cleaning company Ahsa
The first thing that comes to mind when using a professional air conditioner cleaning company is the prices of the services it provides, especially if this company has a long tradition in this field and a great deal of fame and professionalism such as an air conditioner cleaning company in Al Ahsa, but you do not have to think a lot or worry about Material matters, as our company provides all its services at unprecedented prices and very modest compared to the prices prevailing in the professional market for cleaning this conditioner, despite the professional level of the service provided by the company.
In addition, the company makes discounts and discounts on these prices
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